About Us

Lacha and Kenneth Hughes


Lacha and her husband Kenneth Hughes has started and owned several businesses over 15 years. She is most proud of her work in teaching herself to love and embrace who she is from the inside out. She has worked for more than fifteen years to increase her confidence, and she now knows her worth and the value of speaking affirmation. Realizing her worth and the value of her knowledge has allowed her to help others. Her confidence helps other women take their self-esteem to the next level. Lacha loves helping uncover what holds them back by teaching them the power principles of applying Affirmation, Attitude, and Action.
Lacha is a speaker and author, and she is most concerned about helping you reach your destination by allowing God to sit in the driver’s seat and take control of the wheel. Lacha hosts a women’s networking group in St. Louis that is currently mentoring women to build their confidence and learn their worth and value through AAA and turning on their GPS. She truly believes that the power of speaking affirmation will allow people to reach their destination in order to grow and sustain a stable life.